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Name:Herbert West (movie!verse)
Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Arkham, Massachusetts, United States of America
H.P. Lovecraft's Frankensteinian mad scientist, as reimaged in the 1985 Stuart Gordon cult classic. Character, PB (Jeffrey Combs), and player are all over the age of eighteen.


NAME: Herbert West
CANON: ReAnimator trilogy
AGE: 29
BRAND: Lower left chest, over his ribs
JOB: Cleaner
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TRIGGERS: None to speak of...
FIGHTING: He's a wiry little guy, so when he's unarmed, he isn't much of a match physically, unless he can find something in his environment that he can use as a weapon.
AFFECTION: We'd like to see someone get friendly with him: be warned, he may shrug people off, as he's largely disinterested (unless somehow, he's developed a fondness for the person in question).
INSIGHT: He's a plain vanilla mortal, so his mind might be easy to get into, except... it's a rather dark and cynical place. Even still, his stubbornness may kick in again after a moment and he might manage to shake it off.
MORE: We admit it, this guy is morbid and strange and has no brain-to-mouth filter, so if yours likes them some gallows humour, he's your man.


CONTACT: [ profile] matrixrefugee
BACKTAGGING: Very, very backtag friendly
PROSE V. ACTION: Prose preferred, but action is good, too!
THREADJACKING: Open to threadjacks!
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